Canine-Assisted Therapy

Yogi's puppy faceYogi and Ciba are a great addition to the therapy process. Both were rescued a six years apart from the pound, shaved, skinny, runny young. Despite their abandonment and the sorry starts in life as stray dogs they are now very beautiful and calm. My best guess on their breed is dhoki apso, a Tibetan dog that were the companions to monks in the Himalaya mountains. True to the breed they reside in a meditative state of calm alertness during the sessions, they are steady warm presences. They are also available if you want to cuddle or cheer you with a trick (dancing, bows and high fives in exchange for a treat or rub!) They are warm and non-threatening canine companion as you explore your inner and outer world.

Trisha's sweet dogsStudies have found that petting an animal decreases blood pressure as well as anxiety. I recognize that not all clients enjoy dogs, so if you are not interested in having a dog in the room a play date will be arranged for them and they will be elsewhere during your visit. Yogi is non-shedding and hypoallergenic, having hair very similar to our own.