Trauma-Informed Therapy

Healing through Attachment-Based Therapy, Neuroscience and Social Justice

Clouds in Redwood Park Photo © Wendy Goodfriend

    Do you want to:

  • Increase your ability to trust other human beings after experiencing trauma?
  • Be fully alive in the present and not stuck in the past?
  • Calm your nervous system, even when it is unexpectedly triggered?
  • Make meaning of traumatic events?
  • Rid yourself of guilt and shame and increase self-compassion?
  • Differentiate between personal trauma and systemic injustice?

When we cannot get away from what is awful or life threatening we shut off parts of ourselves. We may hold ourselves responsible for what happened to us. Often what is really difficult about trauma is the unbearable aloneness of it and/or the further betrayal of not getting help from people, systems or culture.

Fortunately, there are trauma specific treatments that are body-oriented and neurologically-based to resolve the traumatic past. I use tools and techniques to access, safely stimulate, and move clients through trauma. It is possible to experience a transformational process that reveals a more adaptive way of remembering what happened, help reclaim parts of the self that shut down, and work through feelings of betrayal. I am grateful for my ability to help people fully process trauma and open to states of post-traumatic growth, wholeness and compassion.

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Trisha Rowe, LCSW