Trauma Therapy

  • Would you like to be able to process your traumatic memories so they do not hurt so bad?
  • Do you want to increase your ability to handle emotions?
  • Do you want to reduce your feelings of shame and increase compassion?
  • Do you want to make meaning of traumatic events?

When we cannot get away from awful or life threatening we shut down to cope.

blue and turquoise water flowingHow I work with trauma is all about being connected and tuned into you which will hold you in a way that will make your feelings and memories more tolerable. Often what is really difficult about trauma was the overwhelming aloneness or lack of support. When emotions are felt, not avoided, witnessed and survived they are transformed into memory, whether in your mind or body. I use my presence and voice to help you remain present and engaged with me as your memory, feelings, or emotions are explored.

Another healing approach is the ability to have dual attention, meaning to be in two places at once, for example remembering the past while staying connected in the present. When people are traumatized they can have difficulty perceiving current reality while recalling the past. Trauma disrupts the way we process information and interferes with our ability to integrate the experience and come to resolution. The experience can get ‘frozen’ in the nervous system with all the associated feelings, sensations, impulses, and cognitions. It does not matter how long ago the event(s) happened when the past impinges on the present. Luckily we are all wired to have inherent healing mechanisms. The tools I use to access, stimulate and move you through trauma are a safe relationship with me, mindfulness, inner parts work, staying connected and grounded in the body. We may also use a neuropsychological approach such as EMDR (I have been level II trained since 1992) or try movement that you did not get to do when the traumatic event happened. The connection, movement or EMDR provides a dual attention, the ability to remember the past while remaining connected and coping in the present. What ensues is a transformational process that can create a more adaptive way of remembering what happened to you. Fully processing trauma opens you up to states of peace, wholeness and compassion beyond what you may ever believed possible.